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Welcome to the Oxfordpsych Course

Since it’s establishment, the Oxfordpsych Course has helped many psychiatrists prepare for their post-graduate clinical exams, especially CASC, focusing on the transferable skills required to both pass exams and to improve clinical practice.

Good luck to all who are planning to take the CASC exam in January - we wish you well

In the recent Royal College of Psychiatrist's CASC exams, more than 48% of successful candidates had taken part in Oxfordpsych Course Training in the last 2 years - "I strongly recommend the course to every trainee.... I felt different after the course -more confident, less anxious, in control and skilled. The experience of interacting with the actors and tutors was so valuable and helpful. The team is fantastic and they had a great role in polishing my clinical skills and pointing them in the right direction." Dr Basma Hasan. For further feedback from candidates, please see below

Over the past seven years, the Oxfordpsych CASC Course has developed a range of revision options for trainees appearing for the MRCPsych CASC exam. These include individual on-line tutoring, Mock Exams, now at the English Institute of Sport, Sheffield (same venue as real CASC exams) and a comprehensive 3 day Comprehensive CASC Course  (including increased practise sessions, rapid revision and a mock experience), all of which can help trainees prepare for their clinical exams and improve everyday clinical practice. 


Winter 2014/2015: 

Comprehensive CASC Course - focused training to learn CASC skills, practise stations and contextualise your learning in a mini mock experience. Two 3-day Comprehensive CASC Courses in Oxford and a 2-day Comprehensive CASC Course in Dublin abd Dubai. Booking now open

Mock CASC Exams - English Institute of Sport, Sheffield (same venue as real CASC exams) Sheffield - 16 stations in 2 circuits, single and paired, undertaken individually under exam conditions. Four Mock Exams available. Booking now open

To book a course, please visit the registration page. 

New format:  The Oxfordpsych Comprehensive CASC Course - Oxford will now be held over 3 days offering a comprehensive  training package to help candidates learn the skills and competencies required to perform well in the CASC exam. There is  increased opportunity to practise the skills in a large variety of stations with feedback from  experienced tutors and actors, rapid revision of the content  for key scenario groups and a mock-style experience.

Format of training:

Comprehensive CASC Course - 3 day training in Oxford. Day 1 and 2: skills, competencies, circuits, feedback, principles, extended practise. Day 3: rapid revision of key content of common stations, mock-style experience. 

In Dublin  and Dubai we offer the Comprehensive CASC Course as an intensive 2-day training.

2014- 2015 WINTER TERM 

Oxford 1 - Friday 28th November - Sunday 30th November 2014 - 3-day training - booking now open

Dublin - Saturday 6th December - Sunday 7th December 2014 - 2 day training - booking now open

Oxford 2 - Friday 12th December - Sunday 14th December 2014 - 3-day training - booking now open

Dubai - Friday 19th - Saturday 20th December - 2 day training - booking now open

Mock CASC Exam - Saturday morning - 3rd January 2015 - fully booked

Mock CASC Exam - Saturday afternoon - 3rd January 2015 - booking now open

Mock CASC Exam - Sunday morning - 4th January 2015 - booking now open

Mock CASC Exam - Sunday afternoon - 4th January 2015 - booking now open


Interactive online sessions:

We are also offering 1:1 online tutoring for candidates interested in practising scenarios online. The online sessions take place in an interactive online environment where you can practice stations with our professional actors and receive instant feedback from the tutors. We use Adobe connect software for the sessions and you can also access a recording of your session immediately afterwards. Each 60-90 mins session with access to your session recording, costs  £100.  

You can book a session by emailing  admin@oxfordpsychcourse.com

We also organise CASC courses in Dublin, Glasgow, Hong Kong, Singapore, Egypt, India Malta and Sheffield. Please email admin@oxfordpsychcourse.com for more information on our bespoke training.

We have got excellent feedback from all our UK, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Maltese, Indian and Egyptian candidates who attended the Oxfordpsych Clinical Skills Training - please see below and also the Blog for their feedback.

"Thank you for all your help with the CASC Examinations! I found out yesterday that I passed 16 out of 16 stations and I could not have done this without your help. As I said at the time I attended your course, it was obvious that every doctor and every actor genuinely wanted to help. The feedback was invaluable because it highlighted my weaknesses. During the CASC examination there were several stations where my mind went blank or when something unexpected occured. At these times, I relied on Oxford Course communication skills. Finally your mock examination was very well organised and the reflections we undertook stayed with me during the rest of my revision." Asha Mashru - UK - September 2012.

"I am writing to thank you because I passed the exam, at the first attempt! Your insights and advice have been very helpful. I'm really grateful for your training which changed my mindset and approach towards the exam, such as focusing on he things I can improve and not in the fact that I'm overseas." Mohamed Morsy - Egypt - September 2012

"I want to share good news with you that I passed CASC exam in September 2012. I passed 13 stations. Thank you and the team very much in guidance, teaching techniques like weaving and helicoptering and constant reminder to be a clinician. This has helped me to improve my skills and this pass the exam. I think I continue to improve the skills I learnt." Suneetha Siddabattuni - UK - September 2012

"I would like to thank you all for the advice and suggestions during the weekend course (18th & 19th August). I just did that course and have passed the CASC in first attempt. I passed 15/16 stations." Soni Jha - UK - September 2012.

 We look forward to meeting you!

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